Someone died and now you have their things. Or maybe just one thing. It might not even be valuable. An old spoon or a glove. But you can’t bring yourself to throw it out.

You can leave it here.

Take a photo and post it
to Instagram with #InTheseBoxes. If the object has meaning you can put into words, write it in your post.

Your photo will live here at and will also be incorporated into my transmedia piece IN THESE BOXES.


In the fall of 1991, my two ex-lovers died of AIDS within two months of each other. What made it worse was realizing that nobody who remembered us together was still alive. My past life had suddenly become extinct.

Their few objects became for me the evidence that they had existed. How many other lives had disappeared, were disappearing every day, leaving objects like these that no one could interpret? The hidden meaning in ordinary objects haunted me.

Using a combination of video, song and text, IN THESE BOXES tells the stories of lost people through the objects they left behind. Some of these stories are fictional but all of them are real. I would be honored if I could include the evidence of our loved ones' missing lives in this piece too.

Dudley Saunders